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Is Online Support for Mental Health Available?

Is Online Support for Mental Health Available?

Is Online Support for Mental Health Available?

With the recent pandemic, having access to online support for mental health has been increasingly important. Unfortunately, figuring out the internet and finding the most helpful support for you can be challenging.

What Types Of Support Is Available?

The internet has so many lines of support and options for seeking help. In a recent NHS survey, 45% of adults have admitted to being unsatisfied with the length of time it takes to begin to receive mental health help in person. So many different types of support can be accessed instantly or within a few working days to be found online. Some types of this support can include:

Online Communities

One of the massive benefits of being part of an online community is that often, members are found all over the globe. No matter what time of day or night, there will most likely always be someone for you to talk with.

Online Therapy

Online support for mental health has so many advantages compared to in-person therapy. You can access hundreds of thousands of trained professionals from the comfort of your home. Additionally, like online communities, you can access help 24/7. 


In the modern age, there is an app for everything, including support for mental health. You can download apps that help you track your daily mood and feelings to help you organise your thoughts and emotions. Most apps are also free. Additionally, since it is on your phone, you can take it anywhere and add it whenever you wish.

Blogs, Podcasts and Vlogs

There are millions of blogs, podcasts and vlogs of people who talk about their experiences with mental health—discussing their struggles and how they managed their conditions. For some people, seeing and hearing how others have combated the same thing you are going through is beneficial. It can be an inspiration for them to keep fighting. Furthermore, they can also be accessed at any point and are real stories from real people.

The Benefits Of Online Support For Mental Health

There are numerous benefits to online support for mental health. These can range from the availability of support to the range of help that can be accessed.

Waiting Time

With NHS and Private care waiting times reaching six months and longer, problems can escalate quickly. People seeking help with mental health issues tend to require help immediately. With online support available 24/7, commonly, you can get help within 24 hours. Consequently, this can help solve problems before they become more significant and problematic issues.

Range Of Support

Traditionally, finding a method and therapist with whom you connect well can take a while. Due to waiting times, you may be referred to the first available therapist, despite a lack of connection. Using online sources, you can easily match yourself with a therapist you feel a connection to and be able to change them if you have an issue. The range of types of support can also vary massively, for instance, from talking therapy to watching help videos and everything in-between. The amount of support you can access is never-ending.

Negatives Of Online Support

Despite there being several benefits to accessing online support for mental health, there are some downsides.

Getting The Right Support

Especially from communities and vlogs/blogs etc., it can be challenging to get unbiased facts. Everybody has their own opinions on subjects and topics, mainly to do with mental health. Unfortunately, these opinions might not provide the best support for someone in need. It is vital to remember that unless you are talking to a trained professional, either in person or online, you should be wary of any advice given.

Hiding Online

A definite disadvantage to online support is that spending all of your time online can be very easy. Unfortunately, this can become a slippery slope. For people with mental health issues, hiding from reality can be easier than facing it. If you get support in person, you are forced to confront the world around you. However, while online support for mental health might be convenient, it can be dangerous for introverts.

Self Help Courses

Here at TT Training academy, we have two courses that would be particularly helpful for those looking for online mental health support.

Mental Health 1st Aid

We have a brilliant support site for helping you develop your mental health 1st aid resilience. Our incredibly skilled team can lead you through a Mental Health 1st Aid Champion course. These helpful pages will leave you fully experienced in knowing how to deal with your emotions in the future. 

Emotional Resilience

Targeted at anybody who wants to improve their mental health resilience, this course is very beneficial. Similar to our Mental Health 1st Aid course, we have numerous online support pages to help you and a few courses you can choose to undertake.

Helpful Tips

If you choose to get online support for mental health, there are a few tips you can follow to make your journey easier.

  • You know yourself. When searching for support, you will likely come across people in communities who will tell you about their experience with mental health. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to them manipulating you into thinking that you must be having/have had the same experience as them. Otherwise, you are lying or being untruthful. You know yourself. Stick to what you know is true.
  • You should ensure the person has a licence when looking for an online therapist. Without a licence, that person is not qualified to give you important advice about your mental state. Always ensure that they are qualified before you start discussing with a therapist. A genuine professional will always show you proof of qualification.
  • Do your research. Online support for mental health can be tricky to find and difficult to navigate. Conducting your research and forming your basis of knowledge is imperative. If you have a basic knowledge of your condition and a basic understanding of tips and tools to help yourself, searching for more help and advice becomes easier.

Keep Searching

The internet is a vast place. There are billions and billions of supportive sources. If you don't like one site or some advice that doesn't work for you on one website, you can keep looking. There is no shame in having to keep looking for support that makes you 100% comfortable with it. Additionally, you can try as many different types of online support as you wish. Separately or at the same time combined.


Is Online Mental Health Support Effective?

Online support for mental health can be as effective as you make it. It will be worth it if you really try and put the work in.

How Do I Ask For Mental Health Help?

The first step to asking for help is to accept that you need help. After that, reach out to friends and family or someone you trust.

Why Is Asking For Mental Health Help So Difficult?

The stigma of mental health in modern society can make it very difficult to seek help.

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