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Wellbeing Audits

Workplace Wellbeing Audits

The importance of Mental Health and Wellbeing in your workplace starts here

A Positive starting point for your organisation

Why are Wellbeing Audits so important within the workplace? In any one year, over one in four people in the general population and one in six workers is likely to be suffering from a mental health condition. With over 31 million people in work in the UK, this is equivalent to over five million workers who could be suffering from a mental health condition each year.

Suppose you are looking to take a proactive approach to deal with mental health issues and supporting well-being in the workplace. In that case, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Audits are a positive starting point for your organisation.

The Health & Wellbeing Audit allows organisations to identify the key well-being objectives and priorities for their organisation. It provides clarity of direction so that budgets can be channelled into the right areas. This ensures they meet the needs of those requiring support and assess the highest risk of impacting on engagement and performance.

Common Questions & Answers:

Wellbeing audits are a great starting point for any wellbeing program and are a critical diagnostic tool to highlight potential problem areas within the workplace.

It enables you to create the necessary objectives and priorities to support staff while addressing any risks impacting performance and engagement across the organisation.

TT Training Academy's Wellbeing Audits support any organisation and its employees. Whether you are a small company or a multinational organisation Wellbeing Audits, helps you to create the right conditions to keep your staff happy and well at work.

Our Wellbeing Audits take place predominately in the workplace, whether that is conducting staff mental health interviews, group work or assessments.

Suppose you are concerned about your staff's wellbeing and the impacts on absenteeism and productivity within your organisation. In that case, we can conduct a Wellbeing Audit at a time that suits you and your employees.

Wellbeing Audits

Are you looking to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Help to retain staff
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance employee satisfaction in the workplace

We help our clients understand their starting point by working out the first steps to building an effective and cost-efficient, well-being strategy for their employees.

The Facts:

  • 77% of managers recognise and agree that businesses need more support and education around mental well-being in the workplace.
  • A third of employees say they aren’t offered anything to help them with their mental well-being.
  • 67% of those who have struggled with their mental well-being have never told an employer.
  • Those who are provided mental well-being support at work have higher mental well-being than those who are not offered them.

Our processes


1. Wellbeing Audit

Well-being audits are a great starting point in any well-being program and a valuable diagnostic tool that highlights potential problem areas. We assess employee mental well-being, physical health, workplace happiness and lifestyle choices. Alongside organisational assessment, this allows us to really evaluate your needs and design your well-being program accordingly.


2. Strategy and Planning

By assessing the well-being needs of the employees and aligning them with the company’s business objectives and organisational goals, we’ll help you build a strategic & flexible well-being framework. This will set out the most appropriate plan of action for both the immediate and future time frames.


3. Program Recommendation

We have a solution for you for whatever stage of your well-being journey you are currently at. We can either fully design a well-being program or deliver your well-being services; if you already know precisely what you want. Throughout the process, you will receive complete support and guidance every step of the way.


4. Reporting

Evaluation is a crucial element of any successful well-being program. Our comprehensive reports provide invaluable insights and impartial evidence highlighting success and identifying weaknesses. They help you assess whether you are meeting expectations, achieving objectives and making a positive difference to your employee’s lives.