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What Is The Cause Of Low Blood Pressure

cause of low blood pressure

What Is The Cause Of Low Blood Pressure

What is the Cause of Low Blood Pressure?

Many factors can be the cause low blood pressure. Therefore, when suffering from low blood pressure, it is essential to seek treatment for low blood pressure. Low blood pressure can affect your general health in many ways. For example, it can cause: 

• Dizziness 

• Physical weakness

• Fainting

• Risk of falling 

• Damage to your heart and brain

Low blood pressure can mean that you do not get enough oxygen in your body. Therefore, you can damage your heart and brain.

Cause of Low Blood Pressure

Many things in everyday life can be a cause of low blood pressure. Anything from not eating enough in the day or being burnt out from work can cause low blood pressure. Some people suffer now and again, but some people suffer all the time. There are different conditions your body can be in that can be the cause of low blood pressure. For example:

• Pregnancy

• Heart problems

• Dehydration

• Blood loss

• Severe infections

• Lack of nutrients in your diet

If you have any of these symptoms that can be the cause of low blood pressure, you should seek further treatment.


Many changes in your body can be the cause of low blood pressure. However, sometimes certain medications you are taking can also be the cause of low blood pressure.

It is helpful to be aware of low blood pressure when being prescribed medication. Many medications can help one problem. However, at the same time, they may be causing problems with your blood pressure. Therefore, if you are aware, you can get treatment for low blood pressure.

Examples of medications that can be the cause of low blood pressure are: 

• Beta-blockers, such as propranolol

• Some antidepressants

• Drugs for Parkinson’s disease

• Alpha-blockers


Many people suffer from dizziness and fainting. It usually happens when your blood pressure has dropped so low you collapse. It can often occur if you have got out of bed suddenly. In other words, when you wake up, your blood pressure quickly rises as it is at its lowest when you are asleep. Therefore, you need to sit up slowly to stop this from happening. 

Dizziness can affect your physical health. As you are at risk of falling, you could hurt yourself badly if you collapse.


Being dehydrated can be a cause of low blood pressure. You can get low blood pressure when dehydrated because your blood volume decreases. In other words, your blood volume is how much fluid is going around your blood vessels. 

It is important to drink around two litres of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Also, it is essential to take short breaks out of your day, so you have gaps from your busy day. Being busy all the time can mean you are tired all the time. Being active can lead to dehydration.

Treatment For Low Blood Pressure

You can do many small things in your day-to-day life to ease low blood pressure. Many things can cause low blood pressure, and it is vital to know how to treat it. You can:

• Drink more water

• Eat more nutrients

• Get out of bed slowly in the morning so your blood pressure can even out

• Eat small, frequent meals

The primary treatment for low blood pressure are things you can do to yourself. For example, eating properly and staying hydrated are key to help with the treatment for low blood pressure. 

The cause of low blood pressure can be many different things; therefore, if it is something more serious, it is crucial to get treatment for low blood pressure.

Heart And Brain 

Damage to your heart and brain can be a result of low blood pressure in severe cases. It is essential to be aware of these problems if you are someone who faints a lot or gets dizzy a lot. 

When your blood pressure gets so low, it can struggle to pump the blood around your body. Therefore, it can strain your heart and cause other problems. In this case, you must go to the doctor and get treatment for low blood pressure.

However, it is not always obvious what is the cause of low blood pressure. However, if you go to the doctors, they may help you find out what it is. 

What Food To Eat To Keep A Healthy Blood Pressure

There are certain foods to eat that can be a treatment for low blood pressure. As hydration is the leading cause of low blood pressure, rehydrating with water and food is essential. When your blood pressure is low, it is vital to eat food high in vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 food is an essential treatment for low blood pressure. Foods high in vitamin B12 are: 

• Eggs

• Meat

• Milk products

• Breakfast cereals

• Nutritional yeast products

There are other foods good for blood pressure than foods high in vitamin B12. For example, salty foods. Also, foods that are high in folate. For example: 

• Dark leafy green vegetables

• Fruits

• Nuts

• Beans

• Eggs

• Dairy 

• Poultry

Written by Lily Shaw


What is the reason for low blood pressure?

There are many reasons for low blood pressure. It can be caused by:

  • Pregnancy
  • Dehydration
  • Heart problems
  • Some medications
  • Lack of nutrients in your diet

What can you do if your blood pressure is too low?

Consult your doctor to help establish the cause and ensure the right treatment is put in place. In addition, ensure you eat well and keep hydrated.

Should I be worried about low blood pressure?

If your blood pressure is low a lot of the time, then it may be a good idea to see the doctor about the further treatment they could give you. However, eating well and drinking lots of water can help with low blood pressure.

What should we eat when BP is low?

Food high in vitamin B12 and folate.

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