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Create Great Rapport With Confidence

great rapport

Create Great Rapport With Confidence

Create Great Rapport With Confidence

So what does great rapport look like? 

Relationships are created by what we do and how we think. To be influential in any relationship, we need rapport. It is built on mutual influence and respect for the parties involved. Therefore, it is not based on manipulation but is about securing effective and productive interaction. Like most things, however, it can be done either well or not so well.

Great rapport is at the core of any good relationship. We instantly build a connection with others when we have something in common with them. In addition, as social creatures, we are designed to develop and maintain relationships in all areas of our lives. 

Have you ever been completely misunderstood when talking to someone? Or even worse, they seemed not to have heard you at all? 

Maybe you have been in a situation where they didn't seem to notice what you were saying. In addition, they even became defensive or, in fact, felt offended. 

The great news is this happens to everyone at some point, whether at work, in our relationships or with our children. 

Most importantly, we are making judgements about people all the time, even those we already know. This is often done subconsciously, without actually realising it. As a result, things you do unconsciously trigger a breakdown in your communication with others. Furthermore, great rapport is achieved when you become consciously aware of these triggers and your associated behaviours. As a result, you can forge better connections and communicate much more effectively. 

So What Does Make Great Rapport?

1) A genuine interest in another person

2) Be Curious about who the person is and how they think

3) Have the willingness to see someone else's perspective

4) Building trust

Trust plays a significant part when building rapport. Unlike rapport, which can be developed relatively quickly, trust takes time. As a result, it is more of a risk for people to reach the threshold of trust. 

People have different levels of trust. Some people trust too quickly, which can result in them being let down. Other people have a high threshold, where they expect another person to give a great deal before they become committed. Few people automatically qualify for your trust, so therefore trust has to be earned.

How is Rapport Broken Down?

Why Your Tone is so Important?

Were you aware that your tone of voice accounts for 38% of building rapport? The tone you use can command inspire others and command their attention. Alternatively, it can switch people off. Therefore, tonality is a vital part of communication. It portrays a person's character. As a result, using your tone correctly allows you to create great rapport more quickly. In addition, you appear more confident, intelligent and an expert in your field. Finally, this attracts the attention of others and enables you to influence other people. 

What Your Body Says to Others

Did you know your body language equates to 55% of rapport building?

In any conversation, your body language plays a significant part. As a result, as you interact with people, what you do with your body greatly influences how you are perceived. 

Most importantly, when you are networking in business, body language is crucial to making your first impression. It also shows your audience that you are paying attention and are interested in what they have to say. Below are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Maintain your eye contact
  • Keep your facial expressions in check
  • Don't cross your arms
  • Stand up straight, watch your posture
  • Smile

The words You Use

Did you know that only 7% of rapport comes from the words you use? So what can you say to help build great rapport: 

  • Talk about their interests
  • Ask about their interests or projects
  • Share something about yourself
  • Ask them for suggestions
  • Pay them a compliment
  • Ask about them
  • Take action to build rapport

Why is it Important to Establish Rapport in Business?

Great rapport is the basis of any effective communication, in and out of the workplace. Furthermore, when you take time out to understand someone, you will see the world from another's perspective. In addition, you can establish their needs when you ask great rapport questions and embrace their viewpoint. As a result, you are adding real value to your colleagues or customers lives. 

For an effective team, people must be able to communicate with each other effectively. Therefore the better the rapport, the happier and more productive the team will be. As a result, great rapport can be established with your staff and clients, bringing excellent results. 

When looking at customer loyalty, research shows that if a mutually beneficial relationship is established, their loyalty is more likely. Furthermore, if you use empathy to develop authentic rapport with your clients, better insights into their needs are established. As a result, you can meet their ever-changing requirements. Most importantly, by being authentic, open and honest, you will open yourself to the client's experience. This will then result in increased profits for your organisation. 

Rapport is Key for Effective Leadership

What is great rapport building when it comes to leadership?

To create a highly functional team, it is simply one of your most powerful tools. As a result, whilst building your team, hone into your ability to influence others, integrity and vision to build great rapport.

Great rapport can distinguish great leaders from mediocre ones. In addition, employee engagement is one of your most significant challenges. As a result, when staff feel management are approachable, their engagement is much higher. In addition, when staff feel managers are more approachable, engagement and trust are established. Trust is the basis of any successful relationship. Finally, when you develop great rapport, staff are more receptive to your feedback and will be more likely to share their own. Most importantly, staff loyalty and staff retentions are your rewards. 

Master Matching and Mirroring for Exceptional Rapport.

What does that mean?

It is human nature for us to like people that are like us. As a result, if you become more like the person you are working with or selling to, you will create a connection. This can be as simple as changing your tone, your volume. Maybe it will be your speed of speech or even simply leaning forward in your conversation. 

As a result, it doesn't matter who you are communicating with. Furthermore, you are much more likely to get the outcome you are looking for when you enter their world. They get what they want, and so do you - a win-win for everyone. Whether that outcome is to close a sale or spend time with an old friend. 

So why not give it a try today. Simply make those subtle shifts in your physiology and notice what results you achieve. See how quickly you can build great rapport and connection with others.

What is a good rapport?

Great Rapport forms the basis of relationships between people, which are meaningful, close and harmonious. In addition, it is the feeling of connection you get when you meet someone you like and trust.

How do you demonstrate good rapport?

Here are some tips for building great rapport:

  • Talk about their interests
  • Ask about their interests or projects
  • Share something about yourself
  • Ask them for suggestions
  • Pay them a compliment
  • Ask about them
  • Take action to build rapport

Why is it important to establish rapport with clients?

Trust is built between you and your client when you have a great rapport. The process becomes easier when you get to know your client more and get to know you.

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