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Take Control Of Your Subconscious Mind

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Take Control Of Your Subconscious Mind

Take Control Of Your Subconscious Mind

Taking control of your subconscious mind means controlling your thoughts. Most importantly, there are countless benefits of taking control of your subconscious mind. Deciding what you feed it from your conscious mind is essential. One main reason is that it does not recognise true from false. As a result, it will simply take all information it is fed as the truth. As a result, this will then become your reality.

There are lots of ways to control your subconscious mind. For example:

• Talk about your feelings out loud. For example, say 'in my mind, I feel ….'


• Yoga

• Take time on your own

• Do a daily brain dump by writing down your subconscious thoughts in a diary or journal

• Find a hobby off social media

• Go for a walk

• Spend time with family and friends

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

It is essential to know about the power our mind can have. Therefore, we can control it and take care of our mental health. The subconscious can make us think and feel many things. For example:

• Overthinking

• Feeling like we are not good enough

• Become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety

In other words, our mind has the power to make us feel very negative about ourselves and in our view of the world. Therefore, it would help if you remembered that we have so many positives in our lives, however small they may feel. For example, getting through a busy, hectic day at work is an achievement! So, celebrate the little wins and don't beat yourself up for the stress you feel.

Talk About Your Feelings Out Loud

Talking about your feelings aloud can help you control any negative thoughts and feelings within your subconscious mind. In fact, you can either speak about them to someone else or yourself.

Discussing your feelings can be challenging at first. However, you can start by saying 'in my mind, if feel…', which can help you control your subconscious mind.

You can also speak to someone about how you feel. This can help to unload the stress from yourself. In addition, it can be helpful to get another opinion because it can make the problem feel less than you initially thought it was.

A Daily Brain Dump in Your Journal

Also, you can write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Journaling is a great way to control your thoughts and your subconscious mind. Furthermore, it allows you to look at issues more logically rather than emotionally. Writing down 'in my mind, I feel…' can be a great way to start.

Making a list of all your feelings using the phrase, 'in my mind, I feel…' will help you become aware of your feelings. Writing down your feelings is also a great way to spend some time alone and connect with yourself spiritually and physically.


Yoga and meditation are good ways to get rid of stress from your subconscious mind for many reasons. For example:

• It is relaxing

• It opens up your mind

• Makes you mindful of other positives in your life

• It helps you to slow down

• It helps you become centred and grounded

Those people who practice meditation are more aware of their Unconscious Mind. Being mindful can help to control your subconscious and quieten the inner critic. According to scientists, people who practice mindful meditation are more aware of their unconscious brain activity. Most importantly, this results in feelings of conscious control over the body.

Take Some Time On Your Own

As much as we all love company, it is helpful to take time out to be on your own. When you are on your own, process your feelings, which helps control the subconscious mind more effectively. In other words, time on your own allows you to be mindful of your subconscious.

Time alone allows us to:

• Write down our feelings

• Enjoy our own company

• Read a book

• Take time away from social media

Spending Time With Family And Friends

On the other hand, it is also vital to spend time with family and friends. Spending time with family and friends is another great way to have a break from social media and be grateful for the lovely people around us. Being appreciative of our family and friends is a great way to look after our mental health.

In addition, it is another excellent way to take care of our minds. It is important to spend time alone, but you need to balance spending time with family and friends. Our subconscious will notice the happiness this brings and help us take care of our mental health and wellbeing.

Spend Time In The Outdoors

Spending time in the outdoors is a great way to clear your mind. Exercise and fresh air are an excellent combination to protect your mental health. Controlling your subconscious is all about protecting your mental health and emotional wellbeing. If we protect our mental health, we can look at things positively and feel more in control.

Spending time outdoors can allow you to find a new hobby that gives you an outlet for your emotions. You can spend the time to say 'in my mind, I feel…' which can be a great way to process any negative thoughts.

Can the subconscious be controlled?

It is possible to control the subconscious mind with practice. Great ways to help take control are to write your feelings down or saying them out loud. Meditation and yoga are also great ways to take control of your subconscious.

How can I train my subconscious mind?

Training your subconscious mind can be done in many ways. For example:
• Talk about your feelings out loud
• Meditate
• Yoga
• Take time on your own
• Write down your subconscious thoughts in a diary or journal
• Find a hobby off social media
• Go for a walk
• Spend time with family and friends

Can the subconscious mind take over?

So much information and ideas are absorbed directly by the subconscious mind. As a result, they don't even pass through the conscious mind.

Why is the subconscious mind so powerful?

The subconscious mind is so powerful because it holds all of the information for your whole body. It sends messages around your body and contains all of your thoughts. Also, it has the power to make you think and feel anything.

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