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Mental Health Crisis

mental health crisis

Mental Health Crisis

Children are worst affected by the nationwide mental health crisis 

With the current mental health crisis, it has never been so important to ensure that young people have access to support when they need it most. When a young person is living with a mental health issue or helping someone who is, having access to the right information is vital.

However, the strains on the NHS and public mental health services have them at breaking point. As a result, young people either do not meet specific criteria to get support or have to wait many months before they are even seen.

In fact, there is a record number of over 420,000 young people being treated every month by the NHS. However, there are almost a further 1.1. million that require support for their mental health. (Centre of Mental Health)

Just over one in three children and young people with a diagnosable mental health condition get access to NHS care and treatment (NHS Digital)

Tappy Twins, is a division of TT Training Academy, that has been working therapeutically with children, young people and their families since 2009. They continue to offer vital 1-2-1 and group support working with specifically mental health and emotional resilience.

Our Managing Director Suzanne Skeete says, "Services were already in crisis with the rising number of young people struggling with their mental health prior to the pandemic hit. It is vital that funding is injected to reach mental health services quickly."

Since 2009, Tappy Twins have supported over 92 schools and worked with over 42,000 children, young people and their families. Their free online service has supported 9500 local young people since 2013. They have supported young people struggling with their mental health. In addition, they are helping families that are at risk of becoming homeless or living in poverty, excluded from education and falling into the criminal justice system or being convicted.

Over the past few years, Tappy Twins has seen the devastating effect that school closures, uncertainty, isolation and disrupted friendships have had on children across the country. The most urgent and severe cases young people face are suicidal thoughts, self-harm and eating disorders.

In fact, 83% of young people with mental health issues agreed that the coronavirus pandemic worsened their mental health. (Young Minds)

According to the NHS, One in six children aged 5 to 16 were identified as having a potential mental health problem in July 2021, a considerable increase from one in nine in 2017. That's five children in every classroom. (NHS Digital)

Suzanne says, "Unless our children and young people get the support they need, they are at risk of lifelong mental illness, which has been made significantly worse by the COVID pandemic."

As a result, Suzanne actively campaigns to raise awareness of vital mental health issues our younger generation faces. National Press often calls upon her to speak about various important issues, such as the ever-increasing levels of poor mental health and self-harm amongst children as young as four years old. She can be seen on BBC and ITN National News, talking about mental health and self-harm.

It is time for change to ensure our next generation get the support they need and the future they deserve.

Our team will be happy to talk to you if you are worried about a child or young person or want to discuss things further. Visit here for further information

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